How Shopify Drives Traffic To Your Store

If you are looking for a one-stop solution that can make your customers drive repeated sales from your store or you want to attract new customers? Then look no further, Shopify is here to give you an automated solution for it. We have come up with an app that will not only help you maintain a well-scrutinized database for your customers but it will also identify their peak points and events like birthdays, anniversaries, and purchase anniversary at your store and offer discount coupons based on their purchases. The app is completely tech-driven but it never loses its human touch, it remembers your loyal customers’ birthday and gives them a stipulated discount coupon that they can encash at your online store thereby driving your sales and brand image. 

Prima facie the app will build a loyal customer base but in addition that there are varied benefits for offering these discounts coupons. Some of them being-


One loyal customer who has a positive review to offer is worth millions spent on advertisement. We all are aware that word of mouth spreads like a wildfire and by building a good customer base and keeping them content through good offers in the form of discounts and making their special occasions all the more special would help the retailers to gain new customers and existing ones stay true to your brand. A few advocates of your products and customer service would build up a strong foundation of your brand visibility.


The app strikes an emotional chord with the consumers which helps us create a good social media presence. So tapping this generation’s golden egg that social media is, new customers can be attracted to our brand thereby increasing the overall sales of your company.


This app is surely a double-edged sword benefiting both the customers as well as the store owners. It helps the customers gain more value of the money spent on shopping and it gives you, the owner, reap the fruits of achieving sales goals and a loyal customer base 

This simple solution of giving out attractive discounts and offers to your customer base will make your brand look warm and welcoming. It will make the existing users be happy to be associated with you and the new ones to look forward to being the former ones. So don’t wait any longer and adopt this app to adapt to your customers’ needs. Contact us today for a FREE 14 day trial.

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