Step-by-Step Guide to Connect Your Youtube Channel to Shopify Store (H1)

Youtube is one of the most popular video platforms with more than a billion users. And for all the Shopify store owners there is big news, as Youtube announced that it is partnering with Shopify, allowing its merchants to feature their products directly in the live shopping channels. This launch allows eligible channels to showcase their merchandise and products, which viewers can buy without leaving YouTube. By doing this, Youtube allows its viewers to buy directly from their channels without making having to visit external shopping links from the description box. 

Thus this newest partnership is a big deal. And this integration will enable millions of creators, and merchants to easily connect with their consumers and views, and share their products across Youtube, to create a better brand journey. 

But do you know how to connect your Youtube channel to Shopify Store? Well, if not we are here with a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help connecting your Shopify store to the Youtube channel. So let’s get started!

Steps to Connect Your Youtube Channel to Shopify Store (H2)

Without any further ado, let us help you connect your youtube channel to the Shopify store in these simple step-by-step guide – 

Step 1 – Setup a Youtube Channel

Step 2 – Sign in to your Youtube Studio

Step 3 – Select the monetization option from the left menu

Step 4 – Click on Shopping>>Connect Store>>Shopify

Step 5 – Finally hit the Continue button. After clicking the Continue button, you will be redirected to Shopify by Youtube, asking you to complete the process.

Step 6  – Click on “Add App” option to add the Google channel to your Shopify store.

Step 7 – Once you have added the Google channel to your store, click on “Add Sales Channel” in the top-right corner

Step 8 – Now click on “Connect Google Account” to sign in.

Step 9 – Now complete all store requirements on the next page.

You are just a few more steps away from completion. Follow the below steps to complete your setup process – 

Step 10 –  Add your Google Merchant Center account 

Step 11  – Click on the Agree to Google’s terms of service condition

Step 12 – Finally, hit the “Complete setup” option.

Steps to Sync Shopify Products to Youtube Channel (H2)

Now that you have successfully connected your Shopify store with Youtube, you must sync all your products on the online store with the Youtube Channel. For that, you need to follow the steps mentioned below – 

Step 1 – Click on “Get Started” on the next screen.

Step 2 – Check whether all the data and information you have entered are in the correct order and meet all the requirements. After making relevant changes wherever required, click on the “Continue” button.

Step 3 – From the dropdown menu, select the Youtube channel where you want to sync your Shopify online store products.

Step 4 – Click on “Agree to the YouTube Shopping terms” and click “Complete Setup”.

Note – Once you have completed the setup process, including product syncing, Youtube will review your products and check whether they comply with all the Google Merchants Centre policies.

Benefits of Connecting Youtube to Shopify Store

Now that you have understood how to connect your Youtube channel to your Shopify store, it is time to understand the many benefits this integration has to offer. 

  • Increased visibility – 

Brand visibility is an integral part of viral marketing strategy. And with this integration creators now have the advantage of featuring their products directly beneath the videos, on the end screens, or elsewhere across Youtube.

  • Live shopping – 

The live shopping features enable the creators to efficiently manage their product tag and appearance on Livestream directly from the Live Control Room

  • On-site checkout – 

With new features, on-site checkout has become easy and reliable for users. They can now buy products directly from the channels without having to visit any external links by leaving youtube.

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