How Rich Customer Experience can result in earning 5 Star Reviews?

High customer experience is mandatory for every business today. Its so because every satisfied customer will leave better reviews on your site which in return will automatically result in increase in sales as well as trust in your brand. A high number of reviews can increase your Google rank and make it easier for customers to find you. Here are some tips to get your customers to review the purchase. These reviews will generate social proof of concept.

Don’t limit your customers. Dilating their options will rocket the chances that they will leave a review. Make yourself available on platforms that you know people are using every day or a couple of times a day. Facebook reviews can give your business added exposure, because of its popularity.

Due to Facebook’s metrics, if someone reviews your company, the review will likely appear on the news feed of the reviewer’s friends. Not just Facebook, make sure you’ve profiles set up on other review websites as well.

Setting up a timeline to make a verified review is a great way to prove the legitimacy of their purchase and opinion. When the transaction is complete, verbally ask, “Can you please leave us a review on X? We’d love to hear your feedback!”

Customers won’t go out of their way to leave a review unless they had a bad experience. We want to encourage the customers who had a great experience to write reviews as well. Positive reviews generate lots of social proof. Get them to write it by sending links via mail about how they liked the product. The link must take them directly to the review box and shouldn’t waste much of their time.
Offering an incentive will increase the customer experience. For example, you can offer them vouchers, coupons, or free delivery for the next product if they review the product. This will attract more customers.

Surveys are a great way to get customer feedback in general. You can learn what you’re doing and well and what parts of your business need some improvement. Using surveys to generate social proof is a bonus.

Leverage your 5* reviews to boost sales. Highlight the best ones prominently on your site. Nothing influences a purchase more than reviews. So, Get ready for BFCM to boost your business drastically and get positive reviews from your customers.

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