Growth of e-stores v/s physical stores in COVID

The current pandemic situation has bought out a new trajectory for the entire world and businesses have also faced the brunt of it. COVID has allowed them to push the reset button and accept the new normal. 

Just after the novel coronavirus was on its rise, businesses like grocery, clothing, and other daily essentials started to move their operations online so that only relying on physical stores would not make them lose out their business. The already established e-stores like Big basket, Amazon, and  Grofers capitalized on the advantage of their setup and all the others followed the same footsteps.

Here are some reasons why E-stores are growing post-COVID crises: –

1.Ordering from the comforts of your home 

E-stores allow us to maintain the much-needed social distance required for this current situation. It lets you set your preferred date and time for delivery of your order and all of this possible by you just sitting within the comforts of your home!

2.Varied options

E-stores, unlike many physical stores, offer a plethora of listed and organized options sorted category by category which allows the customers to navigate smoothly through it. This presents the customers with their favored choices, making their life a tad bit easier.

3.Safer alternative 

E-stores, helps us to maintain the much required social distance while doing our day to day chores. Some of them also offer special sanitisation for the ordered products and contact-less delivery which creates a sense of safety and hygiene at a ground level. 

Surely. The changes are here. The e-stores are not just evolving as we read, but also becoming the preferred way to shop over the physical space. With advancements in Technology space. We, as consumers will surely reap out the benefits of using e-stores, As all e-stores operate around connecting Buyers to Sellers and thus reduces middlemen involvement, resulting in reduced prices of goods purchased in e-stores

Although e-stores cannot entirely replace physical stores, it has proven to be a game-changer in this pandemic and has a long way to go.

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