Use of Influencer Marketing on the Shopify platform to boost sales

Do you want to grow your online business, build a loyal customer base, and increase your brand awareness? Well, Influence marketing is what your business needs. Collaborating with macro and micro social media influencers has become an integral part of every digital marketing strategy. Statistics show that such campaigns lead to better results, more brand awareness, and an increase in loyal customer base. Hence, this marketing tactic remains to be a favorable tool for not only Large and renowned businesses but also small enterprises.

So if you have a Shopify store, and are looking for organic growth and positive leads, find out how to leverage this marketing strategy as part of your Shopify store’s sales strategy in this article. This comprehensive guide is here to offer insights on building a sales-driven influencer marketing strategy, that includes practical tips and additional resources to help you launch your next influencer campaign.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Before we delve further into this article, it is important to understand the meaning of Influencer Marketing. It is defined as a form of marketing that enables the brands to leverage the trust of the audiences that micro and macro-influencers have built over the years to gain visibility with potential customers. By launching influencer marketing in the form of endorsements or brand ambassador programs with influencers, who are seen as experts in their field, brands can thereby tap into the social proof that comes as a result and use that to drive sales. 

Why Use Influencer Marketing?

Let’s put in some statistics that can help you get a better perspective as to why Influencer marketing remains to be a trending and favorable choice for e-commerce businesses.

  • 89% of marketers find that their  ROI from this marketing strategy is better than other marketing channels. 
  • Given that, around 75% of marketers have a significant standalone budget dedicated to influencer marketing, because of the favorable results that it leads to.

These statistics clearly show that it is a great tool to drive more sales for your e-commerce business.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing for E-commerce Businesses 

If the statistics provided above have not yet convinced you to curate an influencer marketing strategy for your Shopify store, then the benefits we have mentioned below are sure to seal the deal –

Consumer’s Trust

An influencer on social media commands respect and has gained the trust of their followers over years. One research showed that consumers trust influencers more than brands during the pandemic. Hence the best way to tap into a new customer segment is by using the power of these social media influencers to earn the trust of the new customers by association.

Expanded Reach

Every business, whether small or large, wants to expand its influence across the globe. The expanded reach in turn would lead to an increase in sales. One of the most powerful ways to expand reach is through Influencer marketing. Influencers invest a lot of time and energy into building their niche audiences. Thus, by partnering with an influencer who resonates with your target audience, your brand’s reach to potential new shoppers expands exponentially.

High ROI

This marketing stratdoes not only generate more sales but is quite affordable too. What we mean to say is, that for a very little investment the brand can get a higher return. For instance, on average, brands get $4.87 of earned media value for each $1 they spend on Instagram influencers. Not a bad ROI, right?

Authentic user-generated content (UGC)

User-generated content is the need of the hour, and it’s about time that businesses understand this to build the authenticity of the brand with limited resources. UGC is brand-specific content created by customers and posted on social media platforms. Influencers are meant to create highly authentic UGC that can be repurposed in a variety of marketing contexts. Thus brands can repackage the influencer content, after sorting their approval, to post it on their social media accounts. This, in turn, helps cut down on the constant need for original in-house content creators.

How to Use Influencer Marketing to Drive More Sales for Shopify Stores?

Now that we are near the end of this article, let us bring to you some of how you can strategies your Influencer marketing campaigns to drive more sales for your Shopify stores.  Here are the steps to take to get the campaign rolling most efficiently and strategically possible.

  1. Set Specific Goals for your Influencer Marketing Campaign
  2. Define your right Influencer marketing platform and your Ideal Influencer Partners.
  3. Design an Affiliate-based Partnership
  4. Evaluate other influencer marketing models like cold outreach, outsourcing to an influencer marketing agency, etc.

Start building your Influencer Marketing Program

Influencer Marketing is worth the hype that surrounds it, for it provides a higher ROI and leads to generate more brand awareness. From building trust to enhancing brand authenticity, and increasing your customer base, influencer marketing can deliver positive results equal to that of many different marketing channels combined.

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