What is Black Friday & Cyber Monday? Which is the best for your e-Store?

Black Friday & Cyber Monday are the two biggest shopping events in the US & Europe. Both days offer superfluous price discounts in retail on a range of products. With such a huge customer attraction, Black Friday & Cyber Monday has emerged as a boost for Online Shopping Business. There has been a significant increase in website traffic and sessions and the overall revenue generation on these shopping days. Besides, there has been exponential growth in both shopping events over the last few years. Also, Black Friday & Cyber Monday are not only limited to big players like Amazon but also it is an exciting opportunity for the medium and small eCommerce shops. Understanding the difference between the two is essential to make the maximum out of them!

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: The Difference. 

Even though both Black Friday & Cyber Monday both offer astonishing discounts on a variety of products, there has been a subtle difference between them both. Understanding the nuances can help businesses to make the maximum from both of these shopping events. Let’s understand the difference between Black Friday & Cyber Monday. 

Date & Span: 

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and in 2020 it is on November 27. Whereas Cyber Monday is the first Monday followed by Black Friday which is November 30 this year. Also, Cyber Monday is limited to 24-hour shopping and only applies to online stores. On the other hand, there has not been any specific start and end to Black Friday as it may begin days before the actual date. So the Black Friday tends to be five days long or more than that.  

Deals & Discounts: 

The central idea for both Black Friday & Cyber Monday is exciting deals & discounts. The trends have shown that there has been a difference in the discounted items and sales for both of these shopping events. Black Friday offers great discounts on Electronic Products, Countertop Kitchen Appliances, Tools, and large appliances. So Black Fridays have more deals on laptops, smartphones, TVs, washing machines, and refrigerators, and other electronic items. The discount on these items could be up to 40% and maybe more. 

On the other hand, Cyber Monday offers great deals and discounts on Clothes & Shoes, Hotels, and travel, and Toys and Games. The discount deals vary for different sections. Even though Cyber Monday is entirely online and only limited for 24 hours, it has been successful to mark its impressions on customers and online businesses. 

Black Friday or Cyber Monday; Which is Better For Store Owners?

Both Cyber Monday & Black Friday are great opportunities to store owners. Big online retailers like Amazon & eBay have been offering discounts on both Black Friday & Cyber Monday to make the maximum from the popular shopping events.

Since Cyber Mondays are pure online and Black Fridays offer both online and offline store discounts it is tricky to compare both. However, the statistics can clear the dilemma. 

In 2019, In Britain, Black Friday sales climbed to 16.5% compared to the previous year. On the other hand, Cyber Monday was bigger than Black Friday with a total sale of around 9.2 billion USD with a 16.9% increase. 

Also, there has been a trend in sales for the specific products on Black Friday & Cyber Monday. For instance, Electronics products have more sales on Black Friday whereas clothes and apparels in case of Cyber Monday. So, according to the product niche, the allocation of Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts can be done. 

Further to conclude, Cyber Mondays are suitable for businesses with an extensive online e-commerce ecosystem. As Cyber Mondays are purely online, the e-commerce website has the functionality & the effectiveness to handle the increased traffic and overwhelming response. 

Black Fridays, however, offers discounts online as well as offline and hence suitable for the business with offline and online infrastructure. 

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