The main features of Magento Enterprise

Magento Enterprise, like its top competitor- Shopify Plus, is also known across the world for having a robust architecture to help its merchants and customers grow their business. 

Here is a list of all the Magento Enterprise features that merchants should look out for:

  1. Site performance: Magento 2 is known among the people for having a good site performance. However, it can become a little slow sometimes owing to inadequate infrastructure. To overcome that you will have to buy some plugins which will be responsible for speeding up your website. 
  2. Scalability: Magento Enterprise hosts a four-tiered architecture. These are the client tier, the page cache tier, the application layer, and the database layer. Each of these layers has been optimized for scalability. You need qualified personnel (both at the agency and in-house level) to keep this going smoothly. Please note Magento development and maintenance costs are higher.
  3. Business support: The Magento Enterprise plan provides business support to its customers. You can get a round-the-clock support system to help you scale your business. 
  4. Complete customization: Magento 2, like its competitor- Shopify Plus, allows you to completely customize your online store according to your preferences. 
  5. Third-party integrations: Magento Enterprise also allows you to integrate plugins within your storage system. These plugins help you to use additional features to make your shop unique and easier to navigate. However, sometimes these plugins may not work with other plugins and the plugin support team may not extend support for such issues. Also, it is your responsibility to keep the plugins current in case Magento releases new versions or patches. 
  6. Control over platform design: Merchants who use Magento Enterprise have control over platform design for their online stores. This means that you can control the way your webspace works on Magento. 
  7. Flexible deployment: The deployment is a bit more flexible on this platform. You can have store views or complete websites based on a common admin. This is good for locales and multi-language / multi-currency deployments. However, this requires dependency on the agency/developer to setup.
  8. Globalized network: Much like Shopify Plus, Magento 2 is also a global company. Here, you have a global ecosystem of solution providers.