Shopify 2.0 – Why You Should Make the Move!

Shopify 2.0 was launched at Shopify Unite in 2021 as Shopify’s next-generation theme engine. It is undoubtedly the biggest investment made by this e-commerce giant. Shopify 2.0 has been refurbished to become bigger and better. And to ensure this new feature offering stays ahead of its competition there have been massive improvements that are certainly worth the migration. Designed to make the life of small Shopify merchants and store owner on this platform easier, Shopify 2.0 even boasts more scalability to larger e-commerce businesses.

It would not be wrong to say that Shopify 2.0 is a powerhouse of new features, benefits, and improvements. If this is not enough to persuade you to migrate to Shopify 2.0, then wait until the end of this article! We have curated this guide to help you understand why Shopify 2.0 is worth making the Shopify migration move!

Shopify 2.0: What’s New?

Let us glance through what are the new features or improvements or let’s call them benefits that are worth the migration –

Quicker Load Time – Thanks to the “Dawn” Shopify’s new theme:

The Shopify 2.0 dawn theme proves to be 35% faster than the previous default theme! So the good news is that there is likely to be a lesser bounce rate as the site loading time decreases substantially.

New and Better Themes in Shopify Theme Store, with Sections on Each page:

Shopify sections are customizable blocks that provide the stores the flexibility to design their page using their page builder functionality. In the previous version, these blocks were available only on the homepage. However, in 2.0, these sections are available across the entire store.

Improved User Interface on Shopify Theme Editor:

Theme Editor had been a massive pain for the merchants in the previous version. However, Shopify 2.0, boasts of a better user interface for both app developers and theme developers too as it makes it much easier to navigate through the site.

Improved meta fields Integration:

Metafields are extra pieces of data that can be attached to products, customers, orders, and other objects in the world of Shopify. In the older version, every Shopify developer had to hardcode the displays of meta fields into themes or rely on other APIs to make changes. However, with Shopify 2.0, merchants can make changes to meta fields easily without disturbing the existing current theme code.

Improved Developers Tools:

While it may look like this newest addition is beneficial only to developers, let us break that bubble for you! These improvements to the Shopify platform are beneficial even to merchants. Shopify coding language ‘Liquid’ has been enhanced in terms of speed and efficiency from a dev point of view. In Shopify Online Store 2.0, Shopify Store owners can also add Liquid directly via the theme editor which saves time and is a lot more straightforward than the previous iteration.

Are you ready to Migrate to Shopify 2.0?

The e-commerce landscape has been constantly changing and evolving. With the launch of Shopify 2.0, you can rest assured that you will be staying ahead of the competition. So why wait when your dreams can be a reality so easily with Shopify 2.0. Lets Move on to Shopify!!!

If you wish to make the move to Shopify 2.0, let us help you make this migration easier! Our team of experienced professionals can guide you through each step of this process and make this migration seamless! Connect with us now!

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