Shipping Profiles in Shopify : How you can use it to your advantage

The online selling process comprises several key elements such as User Interface, Product Guide, Payment Getaways, Shipping services, etc. These elements when they work in synchronization make up for a seamless shopping experience for the users. One such key elements of the E-commerce business model is the order shipment services. Offering free shipping rate to customers is probably one of the highest-recommended e-commerce marketing strategies out there.

Thus, setting up shipping rates is an essential part of setting up your store. A manual shipping setup may seem like a daunting task. However, Shopify provides its merchants with a built-in feature in the form of Shopify Shipping Profiles that enable merchants to manage shipping cost, buy and print shipping labels and track shipments for orders till they reach the desired destination.

How does Shopify Shipping Profile work?

Well, before we understand the benefits, it’s important to know how the Shopify Shipping Profile works. Before building a shipping profile, you must first understand how the shipping zones and shipping rates operate. Thereafter, a shipping zone and rates can be assigned to each position in a profile.

Now you can use Shopify Shipping profiles to set shipping rates for particular goods. You can charge custom shipping rates depending on where the products are being shipped to and/or from. The goods that share the same shipping rates can be added to the shipping profile, and accordingly set up the shipping zones and rates for each shipping location that fulfills those products.

Key Benefits of Shopify Shipping Profile 

The following are the key benefits of the Shopify Shipping Profile that can be used to your advantage-

  • Merchants can customize and calculate shipping rates for different products and zones.
  • It offers price-based and weight based shipping rules.
  • It allows merchants to create shipping zone. for domestic and international orders
  • It provides a real-time shipping cost at checkout for different locations easily.
  • It helps to connect with your third-party shipping carrier accounts.
  • It provides local pickup and local delivery options.

Key Takeaways

Shopify provides a General Shipping Profile and a Custom Shipping Profile to suit the needs of various merchants. Shopify Shipping Profile is indeed a very useful tool, especially for small merchants who only sell on the Shopify platform, particularly with the large discounts on label prices.

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