Pro tips to get back to business this COVID-19

To build the business back after a crisis has nothing but challenges. The new age of the pandemic has new problems, new rules, and new uncertainties. It’s only natural to turn to look around for help. Businesses looking to survive the pandemic need to exhibit a lot of flexibility, adaptability, and a dash of creativity.

A post-COVID-19 environment calls for the shift of offline-businesses to online and here are the most effective way to do an online business:

1) Join Online Marketplaces

All big and medium-sized online markets are open and supportive of a huge variety of businesses. Using Amazon, Etsy, Myntra, Flipkart, eBay, PayTM markets are sure-shot ways to raise your sales and reach. 

These mega-websites are frequented by a huge population and a great way to gain visibility for a new or small brand; down-sided with the competition in these marketplaces.

2) Establish an Online Store

The best and most distinguished way to stand out is to have your online store. An identity, a unique page a customer can go to. Shopify lets you easily and effectively make your online store with just a bootstrap funding. 

Additionally, an easy to set-up website, visually-appealing templates, and graphics, ease of integration with third-party apps are some reasons that make Shopify a lucrative option. It is already a globally recognized and trusted e-commerce platform that strategically builds a business alongside the seller.

3) Invest in Buy Buttons

Half of the challenge is to prompt your customer to go ahead and buy. A strong Call-to-Action is necessary. An eye should be kept open for opportunities to hold such Call-to-Actions prompts. 

Buy buttons can be embedded within the articles on the website to urge the customer to act. Buy buttons are a feature of Shopify. These buttons are an additional feature available after the purchase of a basic Shopify plan for a few dollars. 

4) Launch a Facebook Store

A new and upcoming marketplace is Facebook and it’s newly added shopping features and stores. Advertising and selling on Facebook let you effectively promote and reach your target audience and garner in sales. Some e-commerce platforms are already synced with Facebook Marketplace. Shopify is one such example. 

Since shopping on Facebook is relatively new, it may take an equal amount of time to build your presence as a business before you start receiving major sales.

5) Selling on WhatsApp

By selling on WhatsApp a seller is already inside of the more informal space of the market. Being able to talk directly to your customer when they are in their comfort zone can be used as a strength.

Initially, WhatsApp selling starts with providing to friends and family. After the business grows, certain tips need to be followed to make sure that we make the best out of it. 

  1. Avoid spamming your customers.
  2. Provide ease by letting them pay and order through Whatsapp itself.
  3. Stay connected to your customers even after the inquiry or order
  4. Reel in your customers by listening to their needs. 
  5. Most importantly, research and join other WhatsApp marketplace groups. 

These Big Five are the current market leaders. Conquer these and your business will reach the skies!

Let us know in the comments if you have any additional ideas.

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