Best ways to optimize your store content for google discover

Ultimate Guide to Optimize Your Store Content for Google Discover

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays an indispensable role in the online business sphere. Although SEO helps to generate organic traffic to your website, experts spend half of their lives cracking Google’s organic page ranking algorithm. In such a scenario, SEO takes a back seat if your strategy does not align with the algorithm in force. That is when Google Discover comes in as a dream catcher to win over more audiences. Google discover is a free tool that helps to generate visitors in addition to organic traffic from search results or social media. So if you are wondering what is Google Discover, and how can you benefit from it, look no further. This guide is an ultimate checklist to help you optimize your content for Google Discover, so keep reading further!

What is Google Discover?

Discover is the brainchild of Google Feed launched in 2018. It is currently helping 800 million monthly active users with content exploration. It is a relatively new tool that aims to push hand-selected content directly into the user feed without the need for exclusively searching for it. Google creates a profile of its users and supplies them with the content which is most relevant to their individual interests via Google News or Google Assistant. With a vast digital trail that the users leave on searching for something on the web, Google Discover uses a chunk of that information to serve content to its users. Google Discover can show new content, as well as evergreen content on its google feed. But users can personalize their experience by selecting interesting topics, and blocking others. Moreover, Google Discover appears differently on various devices, but users can manage their activity, by deleting their history or blocking some interests.

Why Optimize Content for Google Discover? 

As mentioned above, Google Discover is an excellent alternative source of generating organic traffic. Moreover, Google Discover does not depend on organic traffic, and you can get bursts of traffic which can translate to more revenue. Moreover, Google Discover is more personalized, enabling your content to have a higher chance of reaching a wider audience. There could be times when you will get more Google Discover traffic than you would through organic search.

Best Ways to Optimize Content for Google Discover

Now that you have understood the what and why of Google Discover, let us evaluate the best ways to optimize your content for the same –

  • Publish high-quality content –

Content is king, and regardless of the trends or changes in content formats, your content is poor if it does not serve the user’s intent or does not follow Google’s webmaster guidelines. Moreover, if your content does not have any value to offer, it will not appear on Google Discover Feed. So remember to create high-quality and relevant content, to improve the user experience. 

  • Work on the SEO – 

Merely producing high-quality and relevant content will not fetch you desired results. Content needs to be optimized for search engines. This includes using intent-based keywords by doing keyword research, optimizing the URLs, adding images and Alt tags, building external and internal links, using creative and catchy headlines, etc.

  • Establish EAT Policies- 

Google recommends sites that want to appear on Google Discover to comply with the EAT policies. EAT stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. So whether you write articles yourself, or hire freelance writers, you have to make sure that you demonstrate the EAT policies.

  • Use high-quality images –

Google Discover mainly suggests visual content, which seems to be getting more traction and higher CTRs than text-only content. So use high-quality images in order to appear on the user’s search results. Design your images that align with the content, and there are several sites that offer ready-to-use commercial images for free.


  • Enhance for Mobile Devices –

Google Discover primarily works on mobile devices, so make sure your content is optimized to load faster on mobile devices. It can be achieved by minimizing the ads on the page, using a responsive design, and a standard image format that will open on most devices. You can analyze the pages that are not mobile-friendly using the Google search console. Sites that follow the rules of Google accelerated mobile pages are more likely to get a chance to appear in Google Discover Feed or in Google Web Stories in the Google Chrome browser.

  • Write evergreen content –

New and evergreen content has a better chance of playing you on Google Discover. For the best interest, try to write timely content which will find value throughout the year. That way, as long as Google Discover finds your content useful, you will continuously generate traffic.

  • Leverage multiple languages – 

If you have translated high-quality content into various languages, you have a higher chance of appearing on Google Discover. As there are many articles already published in English on the same topic, the competition becomes less stiff if you translate them into other languages.

Key Takeaways

Google Discover is a great tool for generating that extra traffic without breaking the bank. All you need to do is stick to the white hat SEO practices, produce high-quality content, make the content crawlable, and use high-visual images. Although there is no guarantee that you will 100% appear on Google Discover, by following the ways and tips we shared above, you can increase your chances for sure.

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