Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle all the way, don’t worry about Christmas, E-commerce is on the way

Christmas the holiday filled with joy, happiness, and gifts and do you know what gifts mean for us – well it clearly means shopping and during this pandemic, going to the busy malls is not exactly any buyer’s first choice. So, the next best option for consumers is online shopping. During this busy Christmas season, you want to attract more customers. We know it is easier said than done so here are some tips to make them come to your store…

  • The Christmas Looky

For the customer, the wide array of e-commerce choices can be confusing. The thing that attracts the customers is the vibe your website gives. This means giving your website the perfect Christmas look with all the bells and whistles. The theme of your website is an important aspect and the look and feel as well as user experience can make it stand out.

  • What’s your Christmas present?

Everybody knows that Christmas means gifts, a whole lot of them. You must be thinking – is it a good idea to go for ‘free gifts’ or a simple Christmas present with a purchase? Giving them gifts shows that you care about them that can instil brand loyalty. This in turn may yield profits in future with an increasing number of loyal, repeat customers.

  • They only show if they know

Well, suppose you made the best website with attractive offers but you don’t know why the customers aren’t coming? They won’t know about your website and what you have to offer them unless they come across it somehow or someone refers it to them. So, the best way to get the word out, is through marketing campaigns on social media, through emails, and eye-catching videos.  If your reach grows, the number of potential customers also grows.

  • The presentation gets you to the long race

Well, we have already discussed about the way your website should look but it’s not the only thing that matters. Think about sprucing up the holiday packaging for your products by either creating a special themed box or by providing gift wrapping services (free or paid). Using a Christmas theme packaging may give your customers a positive perception about your company and earn you a lot of positive feedback. Hence, gift-wrapping as a service (free or paid) can be a great boost for your business.

  • The Christmas offering

Well, there’s always this old-school way which always works to boost your sale which happens to be called a discount. Do you know that discounts have been an effective part of buying and selling tradition long before we were born? It’s a simple and a fair method in which we decrease our prices but increase our sales by a significant figure. Hence, giving discounts on Christmas will definitely drive customers your way and help you stay competitive.

  • And of course the Reviews

Hope you have read our previous blog about the importance of positive reviews and how to get it. Social proof is a gamechanger. Collating positive feedback will play an important role in boosting conversions during the holiday season and beyond. So, don’t forget to request your customers to leave a review. You can even incentivate them to write one for you by offering a discount on their next purchase.

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