How Shopify can transform your offline business

Whenever we hear about Shopify, we think of it as a service provider that allows our business to build an online platform for itself. But are you aware that Shopify vis a vis can benefit your offline business as well? Shopify includes a gamut of apps and technology enablers that can very well benefit your physical stores and help in their day-to-day functioning.

Shopify has a tremendous bandwidth when it comes to supporting, Market, and to operate any businesses online, So let us expand our radar and see how Shopify can intensify our offline companies!

1.Shopify Apps

Shopify has a whole range of apps that can be used in your physical stores to handle a plethora of activities ranging from customer reward and referral programs, inventory management, and printing needs. There are unlimited apps for any given function of your business and you have a wide variety amongst them to choose from. The apps let you minimize human time, effort, and error whilst keeping your database up and running.

2.Payment Gateway Integration

As we have moved into the digital age that is particularly dependent on online transactions, Shopify helps you collaborate with various payment gateways and options so that the customer does not lose out the ease of making payment online even in your physical stores.

3.Marketing Maverick 

Shopify takes care of all your marketing needs. It has functionalities like distribution of customizable gift cards to loyal customers, SMS and mail marketing, and so much more that attract the customers towards your stores thereby generating new leads and also retaining the old ones.

4.Getting the best of both worlds

Shopify is known for the smooth transitioning of offline to online business, but to capitalize more on that, you can run an online portal for your physical stores, which will allow you to have two revenue streams, one from the online space and one from your physical stores. The online business would also market your offline stores and that will eventually increase the footfall of the customers in your stores.

These were some of the many ways in which Shopify can help you intensify your offline stores. It has various plans, customised as per your liking so you should go ahead and check them out right now. It’s a whole world of business solutions waiting for you and you are just a click away from it.

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