How COVID-19 Is Transforming E-Commerce & Future of E-commerce After COVID-19

Living through a pandemic doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Covid-19 has been proof of it. As several industries that were dependent on the traditional lines of business struggled to cut through the fluctuations of the market, others experienced an upsurge in demand that hackled them to increase production and service timelines. The latter part has been a reality for e-commerce businesses. This model has proved out to be a saviour in these times of crises where people have been restricted to their homes. E-commerce has capitalized on the norms of the “new normal” 

Let’s highlight some of the trends that have paved their way in the current situation when it comes to E-commerce: –

1. Essentials moving online

As soon as the virus started gaining its pace, businesses moved the items that come into our regular use online. They started doorstep contact-less delivery to ensure social distancing. The already online-based grocery or medical outlets benefited from their setup and helped deliver ration, medical essentials, and other items to our homes.

2. Increase in the production and distribution of COVID related goods

To fulfill the demands of customers, e-commerce outlets started adding COVID related goods into their catalog. Be it UV sterilization light, COVID Oven, Nano mist sprayer or a basic sanitizer, disinfectant, and mask. Every e-store has started with a new line of products or increased the sale of necessities that help us avoid the virus.

3. Transformational changes in how brick and mortar shops work

E-commerce has also integrated with our local shops to ease the transactional needs of the customers. Platforms like Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, and PayPal have eased out the payment procedures for various shops ensuring the basic hygiene level and minimization of physical contact.

 So, what does the road ahead look like for these E-commerce stores?

 As the importance of being self-reliant has increased when it comes to the economic side of things. Most of the business in the future would look out for e-launches over physical ones. This would prove to be an affordable and approachable method to grow and sustain the revenue lines for these businesses.

Also, We can expect an upsurge of Traditional businesses, looking to adopt new & innovative ways to grow their online presence.

  • By opening e-stores in combination with their physical stores,
  • Adopting contact-less delivery of goods,
  • Shifting Advertising & Marketing focus to Social Media Marketing & running Ads over the traditional methods
  • easing of payment methods and value-added store credits.

 No one knows how the world post-COVID would look like but a sense of caution and priority to hygiene would certainly be the key aspects both consumers and sellers would focus on. Given that E-commerce has a long way ahead to transform, adapt, and cater to the people whilst having a flexible approach towards the distribution and marketing of their products.

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