Building Brand Loyalty – The Shopify Way

In the words of Jay Samit, the Vice Chairman of Deloitte, the strength of brand loyalty lies in the way you make a customer feel. What makes a product or a brand different in today’s world depends on a plethora of factors, with the dynamic customers ruling the market today, it is important for the brands to not only focus on the tangible aspects of the product but also foster the qualities that build upon the interpersonal values of the customer.

How many times have we heard that a satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement one company could get? Not only is this true but living examples of big brands like Starbucks, Amazon and Walmart are thriving on it. 

The big question here is how do we build the foundation of a loyal customer base? Of course, there are many straitjacket solutions mentioned in the textbooks in order to strike a chord with the customers but what works, in reality, is quite different. To bridge this gap, we have come up with an application that helps you build on the customer connect by giving out discount coupons to customers on special occasions like their birthdays, anniversaries and store purchase anniversaries. The app will decide on the amount of  hearty discounts given to the lucky customers based on their frequency and amount of purchases. It will automatically send in the coupons to the respective customers through the database.

 A detailed orientation of the app by the sales executives in the store would allow the customers to be acquainted with the perks that the store provides, this will instantly attract them to enroll into the database. Not only will this drive them towards more sales but it will also leave an imprint on their minds and they will remember to look forward and shop there whenever a special occasion is about to make its way in the calendar knowing that they will get some amazing discount offers for the same. 

This app will en cash on the emotions of buyers and this will help your store to build on those happy customers and drive repeated sales from them as it is 5 to 10 times more costly for a company to get on board a new customer as compared to sustaining an existing one.

We are getting closer to the customers and this bond will automatically create the need of your product even before your customers realize it!

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