5 Tips for e-store owners to Boost Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

The holiday shopping season is right around the corner; customers will try to seize the best deals on Black Friday & Cyber Monday falling on November 27 & 30 successively. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are breaking records every year! According to Forbes, Black Friday online shopping sales hit $7.4 billion last year. And Cyber Monday raked in a new record of more than $9 billion in sales. So, When millions of people will be rummaging through the best offers and exciting discounts, it is the best time for e-store owners to grab the opportunity and boost their sales. 

For eCommerce stores, the right strategy and execution can win most of this shopping holiday. All the resources must be stretched and aligned properly during the holiday seasons to ensure the maximum output. However, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the bustling busy times. There is an exponential rise in website traffic, orders, and queries. So the e-stores need to be on their toes well before the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Since there are so many things e-store owners have to follow during this high tide, here are some quick & effective tips for e-store owners to Boost Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales. 

1.Research & Plan:

Before entering into this top-notch holiday season competition, it is essential to have proper research and plan. Last year’s statistics can be analyzed and insights will help plan the holiday season this year. So, which were the best sellers previously? which were the least sold products? and what are the current market trends? are some of the questions that can be asked in the early planning phase. 

It is important to identify the products which give good profitability and have a great demand to offer discounts accordingly. Also, holiday seasons are the busiest days of the operations and so all the research and planning activities need ready well before the holiday seasons. 

2.Intensive Marketing Strategy:

Marketing is the key for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales. All the discounts and offers need to reach the masses before the holiday season begins. The traffic on the website is the direct outcome of Marketing activities. The following are some of the marketing ideas to Boost Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales.

Email Marketing- Email marketing is one of the best marketing techniques for holiday shopping seasons. An email campaign can be sent to potential buyers by creatively highlighting discounts and offers on various products. A catchy email introduction and design can bring more traffic to the website and can be eventually converted into sales. 

Good Social Media Strategy: Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the best mediums to reach a large audience. Set out the social media posts on the store social media pages well before the holiday seasons. Creatively highlight the discount and exciting offers to hold attention. Also, social media paid promotion & advertisement campaigns can also be effective.  

Initiate Referral Program: A good Referral Program can multiply the sales with almost a negligible cost. During, the holiday season, with a referral program, customers can quickly recommend the products with great discounts and offers to bring more customers. Referral Made Simple is all the functionally embedded application to Automate the entire Referral Program and make the maximum from it. 

Catchy Landing Pages, Popups & Banners: Attractive Landing pages, Popups, and Banners on the website will trigger awareness among the visitors. Since the discounts are at the center of holiday shopping, they need to highlight creatively. On the landing pages or the banners, the holiday season countdown can be shown. 

3.Solid Inventory: 

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales can have an overwhelming response. To meet the exponential rise in demand it is necessary to have a solid inventory in place. If the product goes out of stock and the demand is still prevailing, then it is a direct loss of an eCommerce store. So it is essential to plan, monitor, and maintain the inventory continuously during the holiday seasons. There should not be any hurdles in delivering the products; a smooth and continuous supply of the products has to be ensured. There are different tools and plugins available which notifies the users about the item is about to go out of stock so that the stores can take and replenish the products accordingly. 

4.Robust Logistics & Supply Chain: 

During the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales, logistics has to work at its peak to meet the requirements. Since the big eCommerce companies offer delivery within a couple of days, other medium or small e-stores must meet the expectations. It needs manpower and other logistic resources to work collectively to meet the demand. If the e-store has third party logistics, then ensure it is working effectively during the high time of the holiday season. Robust logistics can accelerate the whole process and reflect good customer satisfaction which ultimately helps to create a loyal customer base. 

5.Website Optimization:

With millions of users grabbing the best available deals on the internet, it is likely to receive huge website traffic on the holiday shopping season. So it is necessary to keep the website ready for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale. The following are a few important Website optimization tips and tricks to adopt during the holiday shopping season. 

Holiday Season Theme Make Over: create a unique and impressive theme for highlighting the best discounts and deals to engage the customers. Vibrant color combinations, animations, creative graphics, discount tags, and offer count downs can collectively impact the visitors and possibly convert them into buyers. 

Smart and Quick Checkouts: Smart and more functional checkouts can be a game-changing element. Since visitors like a quick and hassle-free shopping experience, these smart and quick checkouts will accelerate the buying process. Also, incorporate the multiple  

Mobile Responsive Website: During holiday seasons, Around 70-80% of the website traffic comes from mobile devices. Which means, the website must be mobile-friendly and compatible with the different browsers. Along with that, the website must be quick to load on the various devices without any glitches to ensure a smooth shopping experience. 

Enhanced Website Speed: Holiday season shoppings are quicker, and hence customer expect fast and responsive websites to grab the discount deals quickly. So the website should be able to load quickly across all the devices. So, to ensure the website speed and effectiveness, proper testing and maintenance should be done well before the holiday seasons. 

So, These 5 proven tips if collectively implied can boost the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales!

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